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Wholesale Velvet Wizard Hat Wholesale Velvet Wizard Hat Black Silver Wholesale Velvet Wizard Hat with Bells Wholesale Velvet Wizard Hats
Velvet Wizard Hats

Velvet Wizard Hat Black & Silver


Wizard Hat W/ Bells

Wizard Hats


Wholesale Velvet Wizard Hat with Prismatic Trim Wholesale Wizard Hats Black and Silver Wholesale Light Up Wizard Hats
Wizard Hats 
w/ Prismatic Trim


Black & Silver
 Wizard Hats


Light Up Wizard Hats

Wholesale Flocked Plastic Witch Hats

Wholesale Witch Hats with Lights

Wholesale Velvet Witch Hat w/ Silver Moon & Stars
Flocked Plastic Witch Hats


Witch Hats with Lights


Velvet Witch Hat w/ Silver Moon & Stars


Wholesale 2 Tone Velvet Witch Hat Wholesale Velvet Witch Hat Satin Witch Hats, Witch Costume Supply
2 Tone Velvet Witch Hat Velvet Witch Hat Satin Witch Hats

        JHats is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale wizard hats and wholesale witch hats, costume accessories and costume hats as well as other novelty hats and wholesale Halloween costume accessories in the world. We wholesale wizard hats, witch hats and costume accessories in bulk and offer the largest selection of wholesale witch hats, wizard hats and Halloween costume accessories of any costume hat supplier. Quite possibly more wholesale wizard costume hats and witch hat costume hats than anyone else. In addition to wholesale wizard novelty hats, wholesale witch hats and costume hats we specialize in other novelty and costume hats. JHats supplies costume shops and other wholesale and retail establishments.

JHats Offers:

  • The widest variety of wholesale witch costume hats, wizard costume hats and wholesale headwear in the world.

  • The latest fashion hats and headwear styles and the hottest graphic designs and custom hat lettering styles at wholesale prices

  • The best selling novelty hats, souvenir hats, costume hats, tiaras, party hats and costume accessories

  • The best salespeople and customer service staff in the hat and headwear industry

If you buy Hats and Headwear wholesale and in bulk for your business, you need to get to know our hat and costume accessory line. For more than 65 years, Hat and Headwear wholesale buyers nationwide have come to depend on Jacobson Hat Company for variety, service, and value.

Our goal is to provide our wholesale hat buying customers with a complete range of hat and headwear styles for your trade, competitive pricing and dependable service.

How do we reach this goal? Our expert sales staff and customer service representatives understand your needs, and can help to maximize your Hat and Headwear profits. Serving customers continuously for over 65 years, we at Jacobson Hat Company know the styles that sell! We have the ability to customize with the best techniques and graphics, and we manufacture hats and costume accessories and import the finest quality hats in bulk, while providing the variety and competitive pricing our customers expect from the JHats line.

At Jacobson Hat Company, we want doing business with us to be a pleasure. We inventory thousands of items to facilitate timely delivery. We have toll free lines for our customer service fax and phone lines. Catalogs and samples are available so you can examine the merchandise before you buy. We exhibit at trade shows across the USA, showing the JHats line in most geographic areas.

We hope you enjoy using our new website catalog and shopping cart, our latest endeavor to make buying from Jacobson Hat Company a pleasant and PROFITABLE experience.

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Wholesale Witch Hats - Wholesale Wizard Hats
Wholesale Halloween Costume Accessories


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